About Me


Creator | Healer | Visionary | Humanitarian | Explorer

At her core, Ashley is an artist addicted to the camera and creative process. She began shooting at a very young age, and photography truly became her art of choice in 2010. She wishes nothing more than to make photographs that provide a glimpse of her inner self, while also creating the opportunity for viewers to see the world through a new perspective. Aside from photography Ashley has devoted her life to social justice and studying the human mind. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Psychology from West Chester University she began to actively seek and fill roles where she would utilize her strengths to benefit others. For Ashley this means intertwining her passion for photography and humanitarian work to create art not just in the pursuit of aesthetic beauty, but to bring us together in the pursuit of a better life as citizens of the world.

Ashley has done humanitarian work in: Saint Francis Xavier Orphanage in Haiti, New Orleans lower ninth ward after Hurricane Katrina, teaching environmental education to youth in Peru’s amazon rainforest, section eight housing in Philadelphia, and was an active volunteer with Planned Parenthood and United Way throughout high school and college. Currently she works with children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum in Lancaster county. A long term goal for Ashley is to achieve her LCSW after completing her Masters in Social Work, ultimately allowing her to do clinical therapeutic treatments with the populations she serves.

Ashley is constantly challenging herself with new projects that bring a fire to her imagination. Her visions will never stop expanding.

“Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain


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